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Bringing anterior direct composite restorations to life with histologic layering protocols

February 6, 2019

Composite resin is a material that is able to mimic natural tooth structure, its optical properties and aesthetics. Often due to trauma or caries, the anterior teeth get harmed, thus damaging a patient’s smile. In a price sensitive economy, it is often due to budget constraints that a patient would choose direct restorations in the anterior teeth rather than going for the more aesthetic, more hassle-free indirect restorations. In such situations, it is up to the composite resin layering abilities of the operating dentist, to restore not only the teeth, but also the smile and self confidence of the patient.

Cuspal layering technique to produce aesthetic posterior composite restorations – A case report

December 25, 2018

Composite resins have been the choice of restorative material for more than 20 years. Most clinicians have mastered the layering protocol for anterior teeth but achieving life-like posterior restorations is still a struggle for many. This article discusses the cuspal build up technique to achieve predictable, aesthetic restorations while also overcoming the problems associated with polymerization shrinkage.

Rubber dam- Ace the basics

October 30, 2018

In the world of modern dentistry, the dentist has to be in control of the clinical situation and try to eliminate or minimize factors (or errors) in the ever demanding field of aesthetic dentistry to avoid failures.

10 essential aspects for implementing magnification in your practice

April 30, 2018

Today magnification has revolutionized dentistry all around the world. Higher magnification with a dental operating microscope (DOM) is clearly an asset, improving the operator’s visibility and thereby the ability to diagnose and provide predictable dental care in day to day dental practice. This article will discuss 10 essential aspects for implementing magnification in your practice:

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