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Front wing technique for direct diastema closures – Dr. Nisha Deshpande

November 12, 2021

Diastema Closure with direct composites is one of the most minimally invasive and often performed procedures in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. Yet, it remains a technique-sensitive procedure, often yielding good results only in the hands of experienced and skilled clinicians. More often than not, clinicians struggle with technique, ranging from unaesthetic restorations to cervical overhangs.

Functional aesthetic speech therapy: Synergy between dentistry and aesthetic medicine?

October 26, 2021

Aesthetic medicine is increasingly taking on a global connotation of harmony and balance, defined certainly by historically evolved and shared canons, but progressively corresponding to a biopsychosocially functional profile. From this perspective, different practices find common grounds of expression, aimed primarily at the interdependence between structure and function, constituting a dynamic functional unit, which possesses characteristic and integrative links. In this article, we will take a deeper look at the contributions of speech therapy to facial aesthetics and to the reorganisation of stomatognathic functions in synergy with aesthetic medicine and aesthetic dentistry and in response to the aesthetic patient, deeply interlinked with personal life experience—the most intimate emotions linked to the self and identity.

A minimally invasive smile makeover: an orthodontic-restorative approach.

November 15, 2020

Smile makeovers can be life-changing, but it requires adequate planning, with an end goal in mind. With advancements in adhesive dentistry, being minimally invasive is the way to go. A multidisciplinary approach to complex cases can enable one to achieve high-quality care.

Management of iatrogenic pulpal floor perforation in a mandibular molar with MTA and PRF

June 15, 2020

This was a challenging case with the combined issues of a failed root canal therapy and an iatrogenic perforation of the floor of the pulp chamber. Though initially the prognosis could not be evaluated effectively simply because of non-availability of peer-reviewed literature of similar cases for citation, but the case was taken on owing to the patient’s desire to salvage the natural tooth. The importance of magnification and the ergonomic use of the dental operating microscope cannot be more clearly demonstrated than in this case.

Correction of a Reverse Smile Line – Turning back the clock!

March 9, 2020

Smile Designing doesn’t always have to be about elaborate, extensive and invasive procedures but just sometimes routine procedures done with adherence to a protocol can give astounding results, dramatically improving a patients smile and hence their overall perception about themselves. This article by Dr Nisha Deshpande is a clinical case on the correction of a reverse smile to a consonant one with simple direct composite restorations.

A Clinical Observation: Relation Between Dental Occlusion & Posture

October 26, 2019

The relationship between stomatognathic and postural system has been investigated by many health care professionals. Posture and the mandibular function are strongly influenced by the position of the teeth. We know any missing tooth if not replaced for long period of time may lead to change in the bite, because of the change in the position of the adjacent and/ or opposing teeth, especially in pateints with poor oral hygiene. A successful clinical outcome of any dental restorative work depends on proper occlusal harmony. With advanced digitization, we can measure dynamic occlusal forces and achieve occlusal stability with T-Scan. Here is a case report with treatment of traumatic bite and its influence on posture, before and after achieving the occlusal harmony using T-Scan.

Digital Aesthetic Dentistry: 6-Step Workflow Integrates Multiple Systems, Gadgets, and Tools

September 8, 2019

With so many new tools and systems populating the digital dentistry and smile design space, a beginner often finds himself confused about the different terminologies and the clinical steps used. Dr Aslam Inamdar simplifies the digital workflow and the clinical procedures into 6 easy steps for anybody to understand.

Developing tight proximal contacts in anterior teeth using Unica Anterior matrix – A case report

August 27, 2019

This article is a case report of a direct composite restoration of a fractured central incisor where the proximal contact was developed using the Unica Anterior Matrix.


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