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Seeing Through the Vapor: A Discussion of Risks and Implications of Vaping for the Dental Professional

Seemingly non-existent a few short years ago, vaping has exploded in scope and urgency as a serious public health concern.

Its popularity, especially among younger users, has expanded dramatically. Meanwhile, recent reports of dangerous health consequences, including fatalities, necessitate the awareness of health care professionals and their actions in responding to this emerging public health issue. A variety of delivery methods and substances, both legal and illicit, are implicated in the associated morbidity and mortality reports. While a clear picture and appropriate response are yet to emerge, in this presentation we will discuss the current understanding of vaping and its consequences, as well as strategies for addressing this multifaceted issue. Participants will learn:
  • The extent, complexity, and historical perspectives leading to vaping as an emerging public health problem
  • Systemic health effects and consequences of vaping, including lung diseases and associated mortality
  • The various devices, substances and additives and their potential contributions to negative health outcomes
  • Suggestions for addressing vaping by oral health professionals in various settings

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