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Join us for a free online webinar with our founder Dr Miguel Stanley, on 4th December 2020 to find out how Slow Dentistry became the fastest growing global network in dentistry today.

With a growth of in excess of 500% since March this year, Slow dentistry ( has taken the dental world by storm with its very simple, democratic and easy to implement message. Founded in 2015, and based in Switzerland, this is a not-for-profit foundation, with a deep desire to improve the quality of care globally. We aim to market to the general public, giving them a simple set of guidelines to best understand if they are receiving quality dentistry, and not just, “Drill, Fill, Pay the Bill”, dentistry. Slow Dentistry devised four simple and indisputable cornerstones that require no advanced education, no investment on behalf of the clinical practitioner or business owner, and are very easy to implement. Find out why you should join this growing global phenomenon that is the Slow Dentistry Global Network. We have exciting new releases for 2021, such as the Slow Dentistry Digital badge, and Educator Badge for those that use advanced technology and\or lecture globally to improve their relationship of quality and trust with their patients. There will be exciting giveaways for those that sign up.

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