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41st Indian Society of Peridontology National Conference



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Event 21 - 23 October 2016

Enhancing skills - Realizing Aspirations.

The 41st Edition of National conference of Indian Society of Peridontology unfols on the 21st of October, in Nagpur India. The organising committee of 41st National Conference of Indian Society of Periodontology accords a warm welcome to you all.

Nagpur the pulsating heart of India is steeped in historical charm, old world courtesy and communal harmony, is one of the fastest developing metros of the country. Nagpur is strategically located centrally in India, well connected by a bustling railway station as well as a state of the art International airport. Come October the city offers its best weather with lovely mornings and pleasant evenings

The Conference promises to be an enticing platter consisting of a plethora of renowned speakers, trade bonanza as well as a grand entertaining gala with a panorama of prizes in various categories.



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