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AI-powered AR systems will revolutionize implantology

The use of AI and AR combination may change how modern guided implant surgeries are performed and may replace conventional software. (Image: Canva)

Fri. 29 March 2024


Dentistry is witnessing the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR), two disruptive technologies that promise to revolutionize implant surgery.

In today’s dentistry, new technologies are changing how procedures are performed. This digital transformation began with Intraoral Scanners, CBCT, 3D printing, CAD CAM, and diagnostic software. These advancements have streamlined workflow and treatment planning with precision. Now, the field is witnessing the combination of Augmented Reality [1] and Artificial Intelligence [2], two disruptive technologies that promise to revolutionize implant surgery.

Surgical guide by 3Shape Software for implant placement

The fusion of AI and AR guides implant surgery with enhanced precision and clarity. This approach could transform workflows, enabling authentic and accurate 3D planning of dental implants in a holographic environment. AI-powered AR platforms assist prosthodontists in guided implant surgery, providing real-time navigation and visualization of the implant placement process. [3]

Kapanu's software helps patients and dentists to visualize treatment outcomes before surgery.

AI algorithms analyze patient imaging data, such as CBCT scans and intraoral scans, to precisely plan placement. By identifying anatomical structures and assessing bone quality, AI recommends optimal implant positions and angles for each patient’s unique anatomy. During surgery, AR overlays generated by AI algorithms offer real-time guidance, indicating planned implant locations and tracking surgical instruments and patient anatomy. This visualization ensures precise implant positioning relative to surrounding structures.

The AI-powered AR systems streamline implant placement, reducing surgical time, and enhancing workflow efficiency. Several software options on the market integrate AI and AR for implant placement. For instance, Implant Studio by 3Shape provides tools for delivering complete or temporary prosthetic solutions to patients on the day of surgery. NobelClinician by Nobel Biocare plans implant treatment based on patient anatomy and requirements.

A recent article concluded that the combined use of AI and AR may change the perspectives of modern guided implant surgery for authentic 3D planning that may replace conventional software. [3]

AI-powered AR has the potential to revolutionize patient communication and education in implant dentistry. By integrating AR visualization into treatment planning, clinicians create immersive virtual simulations, allowing patients to visualize proposed treatment outcomes and actively participate in decision-making. This collaborative approach fosters greater patient engagement, enhances treatment acceptance, and empowers patients to make informed choices about their oral healthcare journey.


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