Alexa, show me the bitewings of tooth no. 3

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Alexa, show me the bitewings of tooth no. 3


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Alexa AI integration can be of immense help in dental practice. (Photo: )

Fri. 15 July 2022


When you think of Alexa, the first thing that comes to mind is how it plays the music of our choice, sets reminders, and tells us about the weather. Now it’s time to make the most of Alexa’s capabilities to increase patient satisfaction in dental clinics.

Alexa is the easiest way to show our patients that we are updating the clinics with the pace of technology. Now patients can play their music in the operatory. Also, a few dentists use it to set timers for impression material.

Nowadays, Alexa has found its way through the dental field by integrating more into the present dental software, which benefits both - the patients and the dentists treating them.

Simplifeye is a mobile technology company that combined practice management software with the Apple watch. Recently, they have collaborated with DEXIS, an award-winning company for its digital solutions in dentistry, to bring a new module called DEXVoice into the market that helps users voice control over their imaging software.

Similarly, with its practice optimization tools, Sikka Software helps dentists gain complete control of their practice. Sikka has launched an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tool, “Practice Assistant.” Practice Assistant is accessible by saying, “Alexa, open my practice” to an Amazon Echo device. Dentists can then ask the Practice Assistant for their schedule and key performance indicators, including accounts receivable, open treatment plans, collections, new patients, and more. This hands-free interaction allows dentists to maximize their time and schedule, fit in emergency patients and perform additional procedures to grow revenue.

Working with such software in our daily practice, we can create an environment where the dentist can use their voice in the operatory to capture, see, and compare radiographs. They will no longer have to stop between the procedure to go to the computer and type to see the images. With the use of voice commands, dentists can also decrease the practice of re-gloving and improve infection control standards.

So, what do we see in the future after uniting Alexa into our practice?

This fusion of AI through Alexa into standard digital radiographs can be the next breakthrough in predicting patterns of caries and other diseases in areas that are usually overlooked. It has been noted that many dentists’ eye fatigues kick in after observing 10-15 radiographs. Here, the AI-based software can play a crucial role in helping the dentist by training the software with stored images and replicating predictions in a standardized pattern for caries detection.


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