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ITI India Congress 2023 highlights current advances in implantology

ITI India Congress 2023 was held in Nov 2023 in Bengaluru, India (Image: ITI India)

Tue. 19 December 2023


The ITI India Congress 2023, hosted by the ITI Leadership Team India and Straumann India at the Grand Sheraton, Bangalore on the 25-26 of November 2023, was attended by over 450 delegates from India and overseas.


The event was inaugurated in traditional Indian style, with Dr. Mohit Kheur, outgoing Chair, ITI Leadership Team India, welcoming the delegates. The inaugural address was given by Charlotte Stilwell, President of the ITI, who highlighted the purpose of the ITI, what the ITI has achieved around the globe over the last 40 years, and how India as a new and growing section could benefit from the ITI. The MC for the event was Dr. Shilpa Shetty from Bangalore.

ITI Conference Pic 1

ITI Conference Pic 1

ITI Conference Pic 2

ITI Conference Pic 2

Day 1

The scientific session began with a lecture on Diagnostic and Treatment Planning advances in Implant Dentistry for Daily Practice, by the husband-and-wife couple, MDT Vincent Fehmer and Dr.med.dent. Irena Sailer. Vincent is a dental technician par excellence who works with the University of Geneva, and Irena is a Professor and Head of the Division of Prosthodontics, the University of Geneva. Their lecture showcased different advances in transferring patient data to the lab using various virtual tools, photography techniques, and scanning scanners for the best replication of esthetics and form for full-mouth rehabilitation cases. They showcased the difference in the selection of different techniques such as veneered, micro-veneered, and monolithic restorations for esthetic restoration. The lecture highlighted the importance of abutment selection, crown-to-abutment cementation protocols, and the new cements that are best suited for each crown material. In total, there were many take-home points to have synchronization between clinics and the laboratory.

The next lecture was by Holger Hadered, the Head of the Implantology Business, Straumann Holding AG. He introduced the audience to the various innovations of Straumann, especially the new TLX implant, introduced into the Indian market, which is an implant designed for immediacy with a tissue-level collar.

The first Indian speaker for the event was Dr. Abhay Lamba who spoke on Digital integration into Modern implantology. He showcased his work from planning to the surgical phase up to prosthetic rehabilitation using digital protocols.

Post a very sumptuous lunch, Dr. Algirdas Puisys from Lithuania, gave a very dynamic and highly appreciated lecture on immediate implant placement in the anterior zone. He showed how effectively the maxillary tuberosity tissues could be used as the graft material for cases in the anterior maxilla. He proposed a 4mm triangle for soft tissue in esthetic implant sites.

The last speaker for the day was the well-known and highly experienced Dr. Suvarna Nene, from Pune. She spoke about implant complications in the posterior maxilla and how to treat complications that arise in these sites.

Each session had a panel discussion answering questions from the audience, moderated by the organizing team members, and joined by members of the outgoing leadership team and past ITI scholars.

A poster presentation competition was held after the lecture session, with several postgraduates presenting their work on clinical and implant research. Trade stalls were also put up by several companies that deal with implant surgery-related products.

25th evening saw a gala party by Straumann where the Bangalore-based desi rock band Oxygen On The Rocks played till almost midnight. It was a great evening for socializing with colleagues with drinks, dance, and dinner.

ITI Conference Pic 3

ITI Conference Pic 3

ITI Conference Pic 4

ITI Conference Pic 4

Day 2

Day 2 started with a Face-Off session, where two speakers took different stances and debated on topics like Digital vs. conventional impressions for implants, new age or tried and tested prosthetic materials, and grafted solutions vs. remote anchorage for the posterior maxilla. This was followed by a much-awaited lecture by Prof Matteo Chiapasco, from the Unit of Oral Surgery, Department of Milan. Prof Chiapasco spoke on vertical ridge augmentation in esthetic and posterior sites. He emphasized the need for planning the prosthetic positions of the crowns before attempting reconstruction. He demonstrated that the use of autogenous bone with the use of space-maintaining membranes was mandatory to achieve successful results while reconstructing large vertical defects.

The lecture that followed was again by Vincent Fehmer and Prof Irena Sailer continuing with Innovations In Prosthetic Materials And Latest Techniques. The program ended with a high-energy lecture on the long-term outcomes of complex implant rehabilitations by Dr. Vinay V Kumar. His lecture encompassed his work ranging from complex cases in the anterior esthetic zone to large full arch reconstructions and implant rehabilitations, to zygomatic implants and long-term outcomes using implants in reconstructed jaws.

The winners for the poster competitions were announced with the first prize winners getting a free registration to the ITI World Symposium 2024 in Singapore. The program ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Mohit Kheur.

On the whole, this was a fabulous two-day event for learning, socializing, and trade for both the national and international delegates.

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