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Connective tissue graft with a collar of keratinized gingiva – Dr Akshay Kumarswamy

This video is a Connective Tissue graft procedure done on lower premolars and canine.

Connective Tissue(CT) graft is done for teeth with gingival recession. The presence or absence of 2mm of keratinized tissue determines the need for a Free Gingival Graft(FGG) or a CT graft. A FGG is done when the keratinized tissue is absent. An FGG or a CT graft with a Keratinized collar can be done to obtain root coverage or when the KG is minimal. This video demonstrates the use of a CT graft with a collar of KG in lower premolars and canine which needed root coverage along with augmenting the width of keratinized tissue

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