Planmeca launches HeySmile clear aligner system

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Planmeca launches HeySmile clear aligner system

Planmeca’s new clear aligner system, HeySmile, is made from a unique three-layer Timanti material, which helps the trays to maintain their shape while guiding teeth into the desired position. (Image: Crevis/Shutterstock)
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By Dental Tribune International

Mon. 3 October 2022


HELSINKI, Finland/MALAGA, Spain: Finnish dental company Planmeca has announced its move into invisible orthodontics with the launch of HeySmile, a dentist-led clear aligner system that is already expanding its services in European countries.

HeySmile is headquartered in Spain and offers dental clinics a full digital workflow that integrates seamlessly with Planmeca products and software. According to Planmeca, HeySmile puts dentists back in charge of clear aligner therapy.

The company said in a press release that the digital HeySmile Studio platform allows dentists to make a diagnosis and treatment plan “with just a few clicks” and that it accepts 3D image files from almost any intra-oral scanning device. During the course of treatment, clinicians are in direct contact with HeySmile dental technicians, who ensure that the treatment progresses in line with the treatment plan and the clinician’s treatment goals.

HeySmile clear aligner trays are made from a unique three-layer Timanti material, which helps them to maintain their shape while guiding teeth into the desired position. Planmeca said that this results in more predictable tooth movement and decreases patient discomfort. HeySmile aligners are designed and manufactured in-house, meaning that they can be shipped to the dental clinic in as little as one week.

Jukka Kanerva, senior vice president at Planmeca, commented in the press release that the company is always seeking to solve the everyday challenges that dentists face. He said: “HeySmile solves three—an effective clear aligner treatment solution that is truly doctor-driven, predictable, and open to everyone. We are proud to be able to say that it is unlike any other aligner system out there.”

Heikki Kyöstilä, founder and president of Planmeca, mentioned HeySmile in an interview with Dental Tribune International at the International Dental Show in Cologne last year, saying that the upcoming clear aligner solution would be part of a sharpening of the company’s portfolio.

A major manufacturer of dental technology, Planmeca’s portfolio includes digital dental units, CAD/CAM solutions and 2D and 3D imaging devices. Earlier this year, the company acquired a 51% stake in the KaVo treatment unit and instrument business from Envista Holdings, and Kyöstilä acquired the remaining 49% share as a private individual.

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