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Dantha Bhagya scheme by Karnataka govt for people below poverty line


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Karnataka’s Dantha Bhagya Scheme has been lauded by Govt. of India’s National Health Mission (NHM) as one of the good, replicable and innovative practices.

Wed. 30 March 2022


Dantha Bhagya scheme launched in 2014 by the Karnataka govt aims to provide free complete dentures/partial dentures for the people of the state who are above 45 years and fall below the poverty line (BPL).

Optimum oral health is a key aspect of maintaining general health and enjoying a decent quality of life. Altered oral health results in pain, suffering, disability, loss of productivity, and low self-esteem. Oral diseases are one of the leading contributors to disability in India and affect individuals of all age groups irrespective of any socioeconomic factors

With the above context, Dantha Bhagya scheme was started on 7th December 2014 by the Karnataka govt. The scheme aims to provide free complete dentures/partial dentures to 45 years and above for the below poverty-line (BPL) population in Karnataka.

The scheme is operational in 7 District Hospitals, 2 Government Dental Colleges, and 43 Private Dental Colleges in Karnataka. For each complete denture, an amount of ₹ 750, and for partial denture ₹ 300 were paid to the dental colleges towards expenses of consumables for the fabrication of dentures in FY 2020-21.

In FY 2020-21, the rates were revised and the cost was raised to ₹2,000 for complete dentures and ₹1000 was partial dentures. 

Apart from giving free complete dentures, this program also focuses on the prevention of dental diseases and oro-mucosal lesions. It also aims to educate people about the importance of maintaining good oral health and the role of good oral hygiene in general health.

Now, Karnataka’s Dantha Bhagya Scheme has been lauded by Govt. of India’s National Health Mission (NHM) as one of the good, replicable and innovative practices as emerging health initiatives across India.  

According to Karnataka Govt. Health Department estimates, 16% of the state’s population (₹25.92 L) are toothless and in need of complete/partial dentures.  Although an annual allocation of ₹2 crores was made initially for the scheme, the fund was not utilized in the first two years. Subsequently, a mere ₹50 L was set aside annually for the distribution of dentures. 18 high-tech dental laboratories were set up in district hospitals, only 5 have permanent dental technicians and 2 other labs have outsourced manpower rendering the laboratories non-functional. Also, funds of only ₹10,000 were made available under National Health Mission (NHM) to conduct each camp, in spite of the requirement being of₹30,000.

Year Beneficiaries
2015-16 1,606
2016-17 3,293
2017-18 4,802
2018-19 5,537
2019-20 4,169
Grand Total 19,407



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