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Dr. Madhav Murthy: "brilliant mind & a wonderful human being"

Tributes pour in for Dr. Madhav Murthy a well known clinician and educator in Indian dentistry
Dental Tribune South Asia

Dental Tribune South Asia

Mon. 1 November 2021


The dental fraternity has lost an outstanding individual who gave so much to the dental industry in terms of creative thinking, quality education, and much more. His contribution to our field will always be recognized at the highest level. Three people who knew Dr. Madhav Murthy well pay their tribute.

Dr. Paresh Kale, Prosthodontist, Pune:

Dr. Madhav Murthy was a close friend despite the difference in age and being in different cities. Our alma matter of GDC & H Mumbai was a common thread that brought us close. Our passion for dentistry, teaching, and learning strengthened the bond between us. I have come across very few General Dentists with his acute academic inclination. He was an outstanding teacher and a great mentor, helping me enhance my public speaking and presentation skills.

He adapted very well to his Corporate Role in 3M after a short stint as a lecturer at a private dental school. A meticulous, organized, and highly disciplined man - Madhav had a massive role in bringing in the work culture and ethics that 3M Dental is known for.

Madhav was always enthusiastic about and receptive to new ideas, which resulted in us doing many projects together. It was frequently out-of-the-box thinking but was eventually highly appreciated. He had the unique ability to find talent and made sure the person used it to his maximum potential. He had the foresight to take on such people and pursue novel projects. A teacher at heart, which was the early part of his career, continued being one after taking on the role of professional services manager at 3M Dental.

Dr. Madhav left a mark on many young and upcoming dentists, sharing his passion for dentistry with them and motivating them to do better dentistry, adapting to new techniques and technologies.

Madhav had varied interests, including music and photography. It's worth mentioning his keen interest in learning different branches of sciences, especially Astrophysics. For a dentist, his knowledge of Astrophysics was extremely impressive.

Madhav was a family man who cared for and loved his wife, Anita, and son Bharat and extended the same care and love to his extended family. He was a true friend who could be relied on at any time. He was always warm and welcoming, and his hospitality knew no bounds. He always gave generously and selflessly.

Madhav, a very kind and generous person, will be missed by family and close friends, and all whose lives he touched.


Oswald Miranda: (Worked with Dr. Murthy in 3M)

The GENTLE GIANT – this is how I will always fondly remember my close friend and colleague of 16 years (we worked together at 3M ESPE), Dr. Madhav Murthy.

My association with Madhav dates back almost three decades. A vibrant personality, always smiling, exuding warmth, and looking at the lighter side of things.

Professionally he was easily one of the most accomplished academicians, literally an authority on all aspects of dentistry. A brilliant and riveting speaker, Madhav had an exceptional capacity for reading and learning.

I will never forget one of our innumerable long flights where Dr. Madhav was completely engrossed in a nuclear physics book for more than 3 hours.

When I asked him if I could look at the book's contents, he was most happy to share it with me. It was then that I realized his tremendous capacity for academics as I could not understand a single sentence in the complex book.

He had a true passion for teaching and loved to travel and meet people. Indeed a rare blend of a brilliant mind and a wonderful human being.

Dr. Madhav will be fondly remembered by his numerous friends and colleagues for a long time to come for the fantastic memories that he has left behind.


Aman Kapoor: (General Manager: Digital Care at Madhavbaug, worked with Dr. Murthy in 3M)

I'm saddened and shocked by the loss of an amazing person, guide, and mentor, Dr. Madhav Murthy - one of the rare and unique people with that kind of all-round persona, a gem of a person who left an indelible mark on the lives of so many. A clinical magician, possessor of immense in-depth knowledge, a person who went and created tracks and pathways which many would follow. As deep was his clinical expertise, equally great was his people connect.

He built bonds easily with everyone he came across, a genuine person with an incredible sense of humor, always caring—a teacher to the core, and so much more.

I was lucky to have worked under him, learned from him, and been mentored by sir. He was one person who molded a lot of me and my skills. Sir was a person I knowingly or unknowingly keep quoting frequently, a person who braved to go on many unknown paths and laid a track for many to follow.

Person of such a warm heart and nature. A gem who possessed so much and yet was so humble and down to earth.

I have learned so so so much from you sir, have so many incredible memories shared with you. We will all miss you, so will so many whose life you have touched and molded.

May your soul get eternal rest, and may you beautify the smiles of the heavens, build bonds with the Gods and walk over the bridges of eternal peace and tranquility. I am sure they are already impressed with you as much as a long-lasting impression you left in our hearts.


About Dr. Madhav Murthy:

Dr. Madhav Murthy had a clinical practice in Bangalore, mainly focused on Restorative & Esthetic Dentistry. He completed his BDS from Govt Dental College, Mumbai (Bombay University) in 1983.
He was in academics as the Head, Dept. of Material Sciences in Dentistry & Conservative Dentistry at Bangalore for 10 years.
Authored and published many clinical articles on Restorative Dentistry and Minimal Intervention dentistry.
Dr. Murthy was a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.
He worked as the Regional Professional Services Manager for 3M ESPE Dental - South East Asia region.



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  1. Prakash Amitabh says:

    Wonderful person, very helpful & knowledgeable guy. Always ready to help , have worked with even before he joined 3M . I am shocked to here the news. RIP ???

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