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Dentist's artwork exhibition opens in Mumbai today

Fri. 25 November 2022


Dr. Sachindeep Singh is a prosthodontist & implantologist by profession and a self-trained artist who uses the pseudonym “Ashumali” for his creative side with watercolors. Like most artists, he follows his muse depicting mainly urban landscapes, emphasizing architectural landmarks and the humdrum of city life. These artworks are immensely inspired by the places he has visited or wishes to travel to. His artwork will be displayed in the “Escape through watercolors” exhibition organized by The Bombay Art Society, Bandra, Mumbai, from 25 – 30 Nov 2022.

Dr. Sachin did his BDS from Government Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai. Next, he qualified for MDS in Prosthodontics at King George's Medical College, Lucknow, before moving to New Delhi to set up his private practice in 2003, focussing on dental implants and aesthetic Dentistry. He is a well-known mentor conducting continuing dental education programs and workshops in implant dentistry. On the art front, he is a member of The Watercolor Society of India and The International Watercolor society. He has held many solo and group exhibitions and participated in many international exhibitions, winning numerous awards. You can learn more about his artwork in his website ashumali.com

Dr. Nisha Deshpande: Thank you for the interview, Dr. Sachindeep Singh. When did you discover the artist in you? Please tell us about your journey.

Dr. Sachindeep Singh: I grew up in a family who loved doing art and imbibed a fondness for impressionism from the environment of my home and the mystique of Prayag, where I did my schooling and grew up. I was mesmerized by everything beautiful in nature and wanted to put it on canvas. 

My journey started from the walls of my house, where I would sketch freely as a kid, to the amusement and encouragement of my biggest support, my mother.

As a kid, I mainly did pencil sketches, from miniature to large ones. Around mid-school, I joined an art class to learn Oils and continued to work in that medium till college happened. 

Then life took over, studies, academic career, work!

After a hiatus of 17 years, despite a hectic professional schedule, my love for art pulled me back, and I started oils again. And then one day, 7 years back, I put my hand to watercolors, and it's been a love affair since. 

I capture the feel of the places I paint, working in an impressionist style. I aim to engage the audience, let them absorb the essence of the vista, and let their perception of my work fill the details I omitted. I let my watercolors flow, and such impressionist depictions bring me immense joy. 

I love to travel through my paintings, creating artworks of the cities I've visited and the places I wish to travel to.

I am mainly drawn towards architecture and waterbodies, which is, honestly, passionately reflected in my architectural landscapes and streetscapes!

What inspires you to create these beautiful works of art?

I draw my inspiration from nature and try to create uniquely personal and intense artwork.

Like most artists, I follow my muse depicting mainly urban landscapes, emphasizing architectural landmarks and the humdrum of city life. These artworks are inspired by the places I have visited or wish to travel to. 

Other motifs that I love to work on are our waterbodies and boats. I love to capture the vibe and the play of light in all my works.

The style is highly impressionist and draws the audience to perceive the painting in their own experience of the place. 

What mediums do you usually work with? Any particular reason for your preference for watercolors?

 My favorite mediums are charcoals, watercolors, and oils. I started as a hobbyist dabbling in oils and charcoals until discovering the panache of watercolors. I have been working in the medium of watercolors for seven years now, extensively using warmer tones. I am intrigued by the way watercolors respond, predictable and yet unpredictable.

You have managed to successfully follow your passion while also continuing with a busy professional career. Any advice for professionals who may find it daunting to do so?

See, everyone has a passion. It's just that they have yet to discover it. But once they do, they won't let it go. One is hooked forever! Surprisingly once that happens, the time structures itself as priorities change. 

So my advice is that you find that passion [a tip: it's the thing which makes time fly, it's something where you are happiest, you forget even yourself], it could be your profession, and follow it through your heart, give it time and let it weave its magic! 

Any recognition accolades received for your work?

  • International Brand Ambassador for Rockwell Art Canada
  • Won the "Golden Diploma Watercolor Artist Award" in Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Won the "Nominees Award" at the 1st Singapore IWS International watercolor exhibition, 2021
  • Received "TOP 200 merit Award, In pursuit of Excellence "at International Watercolors Masters contest, United Kingdoms 
  • Invited for VI International Biennial, Claudette Spain, October 2022
  • Received the Top 50 recognition award for the category "Landscapes and Seascapes" at Exposition D'Aquarelles, France & Pologne
  • Selected for the 18th National watercolor exhibition by All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society 

Please tell us about your upcoming exhibition. 

This is a group exhibition where I am exhibiting with two more artists. As an architectural painter who does cityscapes, I will showcase many beautiful cities I have visited, some I wish to see! 

All the artworks are in the medium of watercolors [the most challenging medium to paint] and done on artist-level papers with some of the best pigments available today! There will be a whole array of places to visit through my paintings, from pristine Ladakh to sunny Croatia, streets of Bhopal to mosques of Turkey, and from Varanasi ghats to Venice waters!

The exhibition is inaugurated by two great personalities. One of them is my dentistry mentor - Dr. Aswatha Kumarswamy - one of the most encouraging, kind, and amazing human beings I've met. And the other is Mrs. Alison Pinto, a dear friend, acclaimed artist, and IWS Head of Maharashtra state.

 The exhibition is open from 25-30 November 2022

Place: The Bombay Art Society, Gallery 1

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