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Flipkart enters healthcare with Flipkart Health+ app


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Flipkart aims to be a digital healthcare marketplace like its competitors Pharmeasy, Amazon Pharmacy, and Tata Digital's 1mg. (Photo: Facebook page of Flipkart))

Mon. 11 April 2022


On 6th April 2022, Flipkart Group announced its entry into the healthcare sector by launching its new app Flipkart Health+. The Flipkart Group had earlier marked its entry into the healthcare sector in November 2021 by acquiring a majority stake in SastaSundar and forming Flipkart Health+.

The app offers Indian customers across the country a wide range of medicines and healthcare products. Flipkart Health+ plans to use Flipkart's reach to serve over 20,000 pin codes across the country.

The company announced that it intends to onboard over 500 independent sellers with a network of registered pharmacists for medical prescription validation and accurate medication dispensing.

Flipkart Group acquired a majority stake in online pharmacy in 2021. Later in November 2021, the company announced the launch of Flipkart Health+.

Prashant Jhaveri, a former Apollo Health executive, was named CEO of Flipkart Health+ last month.

The company aims to be a digital healthcare marketplace like its competitors Pharmeasy, Amazon Pharmacy, and Tata Digital's 1mg.

"Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Indians have witnessed a tremendous shift in favoring wellness and preventative healthcare and there is an increased focus on health and wellness, like never before," said Jhaveri in a statement. "Through Flipkart Health+, we aim to solve the critical gap of accessibility across the country, especially in the remotest parts of the country that have been underserved until now."

Although it is an intermediary marketplace platform, Flipkart stated that it has implemented various quality checks and verification protocols to facilitate the delivery of genuine medicines and healthcare products from independent sellers to customers' doorsteps.

In the coming months, Flipkart Health+ will welcome third-party healthcare service providers, who will provide customers with services such as teleconsultation and e-diagnostics.

The Flipkart Health+ app is now available on the Android Play Store and will be soon available on the iOS App Store.


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