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Impart Edu celebrates 12 years with their first symposium

Impart Education will be celebrating their 12th anniversary by organizing their first-ever symposium to be held in Mumbai in Jan 2024 (Image: Impart Edu)

Sun. 24 December 2023


Dental Tribune South Asia interviewed Drs. Ali Tunkiwala and Udatta Kher – the founders of Impart Education (IE) about their upcoming event “Shaping Dentistry: Current Trends and Insights” —IE’s first symposium to be held in Mumbai in January 2024.

Impart Education Symposium

What’s the significance of the January 2024 event to be organized by IE?

We're marking 12 years of Impart Education, and to commemorate this milestone, we've organized a scientific event that features renowned international speakers alongside some of the finest minds and educators from India. With a track record of successfully training over 2000 dental practitioners globally, we aim to establish a platform that fosters a creative exchange of ideas among some of the world's foremost clinicians, ensuring a rewarding experience for all participants.

Awesome! Can you shed some light on how IE came into existence?

It was a spontaneous decision. After being part of an informal study group, we organized ITI study club events for six years. Recognizing the need, we decided to establish an unbiased academy in India, aiming to propagate evidence-based education in a practical format beneficial for clinicians.

Impressive journey! How has the experience been over the last 12 years?

We started with a foundation-level course for beginners in implant dentistry and have organically expanded to include advanced implant surgery, full mouth rehabilitation, and advanced implant prosthodontics workshops. Over time, we've collaborated with like-minded educators to cover subjects beyond our expertise.

Could you elaborate on the upcoming Jan 2024 event's main speakers?

The symposium will be held on the 27-28 January 2024, with pre-conference courses taking place on the 26 January 2024. Each speaker, be it international or national, possesses the ability to captivate the audience for two full days. The symposium covers a diverse range of topics like implant dentistry, direct and indirect restorative dentistry, endodontics, regenerative surgery, and pediatric dentistry, catering to a broad spectrum of general dentists.

Sounds comprehensive! Are there any pre-conference workshops?

Absolutely. We have two noteworthy pre-conference workshops:

  1. Ramon Gomez Meda: "Paradigm Shift in Immediate Implant Placements with Excellent Esthetic Outcomes."
  2. Luis Besa: "Esthetic Zone Management in Implant Dentistry."

Both are extraordinary clinicians and educators.

Great! How can interested individuals register for the event?

Registration is open through the following online link: http://iesymposium.a1logics.live/

Fantastic! Thank you for sharing these details, Udatta & Ali. Looking forward to an enlightening event!

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