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Partial Extraction Therapy for Single Tooth Implant: Part 1. Surgical Technique. Dr Ali Tunkiwala

This video by Dr Ali Tunkiwala presents the Partial Extraction Therapy – surgical technique step-by-step. Partial extraction therapy is a novel technique to enable the preservation of the labial bone plate around an implant. It entails the extraction of palatal half of the anterior tooth while retaining and shaping strategically the labial portion (Referred to as Socket Shield). The implant placement follows the shield preparation.

Hard and soft tissue loss following a tooth extraction is very common owing to the bundle bone loss. Socket shield technique minimizes the need for soft and hard tissue grafting procedures. For the same reason, this technique also shortens the overall treatment duration. Not just the buccal tissue contour and esthetics, but even in cases with adjacent implants, the inter-implant papilla can be preserved by creating interdental socket shields.

Dr Ali Tunkiwala, Mumbai, India


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