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CDE:Chair side Inlay fabrication and aesthetic temporization at Hyderabad, India.

October 02, 2016

VOCO GmbH, Cuxhaven, Germany organized a Continuing Dental Education (CDE) Program in association with Secunderabad Dentists Association(SDA) on 18th September at The Manohar Hotel ,Begumpet ,Hyderabad, India. SDA is an association of like-minded dentists who are interested in staying abreast with the latest advancements in the field of dental materials and dental procedures. There are over 300 members in the group who are mutually benefited from the association through the various CDE programs organized.  

Over 100 dental surgeons including Prosthodontists and Endodontists attended the crisp and informative lecture by Dr. Anandakrishna GN MDS, Prosthodontist, Diplomate ICOI and Implantologist.

The speaker is the Ambassador ICOI, Vice President Indian Prosthodontic Society, Secretary Karnataka Prosthodontic Society and CFO My Dental Plan. With his vast experience in the field of prosthetics and restorative dentistry, he spoke about the common limitations and complications of class II composite restorations and how an indirect composite restoration can negate these issues in the first half of the lecture.

Composite restorations are the main stay of restorative dentistry and the problems associated with the restorations can be catastrophic. The long term success of the same is dependent purely on the operator and the technique. Most common issues with composite restorations are marginal leakage and improper isolation techniques.

Chair side inlay technique is a simple and predictable solution to counter issues of marginal leakage and post-operative sensitivity. A quick demonstration of the technique was also given by the speaker which clearly showed that the procedure was both simple and not time consuming, yet precise. The procedure involves a die preparation with Die Silicone from VOCO in a hydrocolloid impression of the prepared teeth followed by indirect restoration with VOCO Nano Hybrid Composite – POLOFIL NHT which involves incremental packing and polymerization. The margins are checked and polished and Cemented to the prepared isolated tooth with Dual Cure Resin Luting Cement VOCO Bifis SE.

The second half of the lecture was on Aesthetic Temporization. We are in an era where aesthetics is as important as function and patients don’t compromise on aesthetics even if it is a provisional restoration. As professionals who want to give the best to the patients both in terms of function and aesthetics , we have to opt for materials and techniques which are less technique sensitive and not time consuming , satisfy the requirements such as less or no discomfort to the patient and minimal change in dimensions and added to this, cost effective too.

Today, with the advent of newer materials which give excellent predictability in terms of fit, ease of use and colour stability with the finish, it makes fabricating provisionals a joy.

Visualization of treatment outcomes is becoming very important as patients are more aware and sensitive to the aesthetic outcomes today than before. The only way the treatment outcome can be effectively experienced by the patient is to make good provisionals and allow the patient to use it for a period of time before finalizing the shape, size and contour of the final restoration. With the introduction of materials like VOCO Structure 2 SC, such natural temporaries and their outcomes are predictable.

A simple demonstration explaining the easy steps in temporization including loading of the BIS Acryl material (Structure 2 from VOCO) into an impression (on a waxed up model) and placing it over the prepared teeth, was made. In a little over a minute, it is ready to be retrieved and the provisional come out along with the impression. The oxygen inhibition layer on the provisional can be removed with an alcohol swab and the surface is restored smooth and shiny.

The demonstrations gave a lot of confidence to the participants and chair side inlay is already being incorporated in the practice of a few dentists.

SDA hopes to have more such sessions which will help the dental surgeons have a first-hand experience of the product which will certainly help them incorporate these techniques in their practice and take their practice to the next level.


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