Interview: "Representing India on the world stage is a big boost to Indian dentistry"

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Interview: "Representing India on the world stage is a big boost to Indian dentistry"


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The Xpert Team of Dr.Udatta Kher (left), Dr.Ali Tunkiwala (Centre) and Dr.T.V.Narayan (Right) will be representing India at the Dental XP World Symposium in 2019. Picture Dr.Udatta Kher

Sat. 17 November 2018


The 2019 Dental XP 7th Annual Global Symposium will showcase Global Team Dentistry and highlight the latest strategies in minimally invasive restorative & periodontal aesthetics, new digital 3D work flows, as well as a specific focus on managing full arch patients. Among a select group of leading global teams who have been invited to present their unique interdisciplinary concepts, is a team from India. The team of Dr. Udatta Kher, Dr. Ali Tunkiwala and Dr. T.V.Narayan will represent India at the symposium.

Dr. Udatta Kher is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with a practice specialized in implantology, laser dentistry and restorative dentistry. He is a visiting professor in the Implantology Department at SDM Dental College, Dharwad. He is the Study Club Director for the Mumbai Seacoast Study Club of the International Team for Implantology. He is also a registered ITI Speaker. He is an expert on Dental XP, one of the largest portals for dental education in the world. He is the Director of Impart Education an academy for guiding and nurturing clinicians towards evidence based dental practice.
Executive editor of Dental Tribune India, Dr.Niranjan Prabhakar, spoke to Dr.Udatta Kher about the symposium and what to look forward to at the symposium.

Dental Tribune  India: Dr. Udatta, firstly congratulations to your team on being selected to represent India at the global DentalXP symposium next year (2019). Please tell us more about it and your team.

Dr. Udatta Kher : Thank you. It is indeed a privilege to be on that podium. I've seen some of the biggest names in dentistry speak there. So it gives me goosebumps to think that we will be there next year. Dr. Narayan, Dr. Ali Tunkiwala and I have been associated with each other on various continuing education forums. On most issues scientific and philosophical we are on the same page. Through our presentation, we will bring to the meeting our combined experience of over 70 years.

Please give our readers an overview of your presentation.

Our presentation on multidisciplinary dentistry for full arch restorations will be about providing treatment solutions to clinicians for treating an array of clinical situations. We will showcase clinical situations ranging in degree of difficulty in the surgical and prosthetic phase of treatment.

How do you view this representation from India, on the world stage?

To have India being represented amongst 8 countries worldwide is a huge boost to Indian dentistry. It goes to show that work coming out of India is world class and can match up to international standards.

What are the essential dynamics in a team or interdisciplinary approach in today’s dentistry?

Various factors such as treatment options, patient expectations, advances in digital technology, better understanding of biology have led to further specialization of our field. Bringing together all elements of diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical execution and prosthetic rehabilitation is essential for long lasting successful outcomes. Such results can only be achieved through a team approach.

Please share your views on the minimally invasive procedures that are gaining in popularity today.

Today, be it dentistry or any medical procedure, the thrust is on minimally invasive treatment procedures. Lower morbidity and faster recovery are objectives that have to be met by the clinician while treating patients.

There has been so much talk in recent times about digital work flow in dentistry and Implantology. Please share your thoughts on the same.

Digital dentistry is here to stay. Undeniably, that is the future of dentistry. The recent advances in technology have been exciting and have now penetrated well into dental practices. Many labs in India have also embraced this technology making it a viable option for day to day restorative work on teeth and implants.

What is the Future of Implantology in India?

The exponential growth of Implantology in India is likely to continue. It's a bit like the growth we saw in endodontics about two decades ago. Every practice in India will be able to offer implants as one of the options of replacing missing teeth.

The need of the hour is to provide quality education in this field at various levels through institutes and continuing dental education programmes.


Thank you for the interview.