Dental camp organized using AI-based app 'Swasth Daant Pro'

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Dental camp organized using AI-based app 'Swasth Daant Pro'

AI based apps like Swasth Daant Pro that patients can use on their mobile devices will make the dentists job easier in dental camps

Thu. 24 August 2023


An oral health camp was organized by Muskan in collaboration with ASI (Archaeological Survey of India, Chandigarh Circle) and Aadesh Dental College (Bathinda-Bucho-Adesh University) on 12- 13 August in Bathinda, Punjab.

Muskan is a company of enthusiasts, from dentists to engineers, trying to integrate human-centric Artificial Intelligence (AI) in dentistry to bring about significant positive changes in dental care. They have leveraged the latest innovations from MIT, Harvard School of Dental Science, and many others.

Muskan has three cutting-edge products:

AI-driven oral cancer screening: The AI engine leverages clinical and non-clinical data to conduct non-invasive and highly accurate oral cancer screenings. Early detection is crucial, and this product can aid in identifying potential risks, enabling timely intervention, and ensuring the best possible care for your patients.

AI-powered oral health wellness: This AI-powered app can be used by dentists to actively promote oral health among their patients. The platform encourages good oral hygiene practices while fostering a strong patient-dentist relationship, leading to improved patient engagement and satisfaction.

AI-assisted radiograph interpretation: This AI assistant can accurately analyze radiographs (bitewings, periapical, and OPGs), to help dentists make informed decisions promptly, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Muskan organized a free-of-charge oral health camp, "Swasth Muskan, Swasth Bharat," at the historical fort Qila Mubarak, Bathinda on 12-13 August 2023.

AI engine-based app called Swasth Daant Pro was used to check oral health and generate a digital report. (Photo: Muskan)

A new AI engine-based app called Swasth Daant Pro was used to check oral health and generate a digital report. The camp was given wide media coverage on social & print media to provide and create awareness about a digital AI-based oral healthcare diagnostic and check-up service for patients.

A digital campaign was run a few days before the event to create awareness, which helped 200-300 patients to turn up. Ten dental interns from Aadesh Dental College participated, and the Gurdwara provided food and helped with other logistics.

The dental college interns gave the initial briefing to the patients, followed by oral screening done on digital devices like mobiles and tabs. Reports generated were forwarded to the patient's mobile devices.

Learnings from this camp using digital devices and technology:

Patients need to be at ease about cyber security with respect to digital media, especially apps and data privacy. QR Code security needs to be conveyed to patients.

Patients showed enthusiasm about the app and wanted to try it on their own. Language barrier was an issue initially but the local student interns and other health care workers helped communicate.

Further awareness among patients towards oral hygiene needs to be created through social media campaigns. This needs a lot of collective effort from all stakeholders.

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