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This article by Dr. Divyesh Mundra gives an idea of the size of toothpaste market in India (Image: Canva)

Mon. 14 February 2022


The Indian oral care market is worth ~ ₹ 15,000 CR comprising of toothpaste, toothbrush, tooth powder, mouthwash, and denture care.

1. Market Share (Volume-wise)

 The toothpaste market is the largest segment at ~70% of the oral care market.  The market size of the toothpaste is estimated to be ₹10,000-12,000 CR.

Fig 1: Oral Care Market India (volume-wise)

Name of company BASE 2020 % change
Colgate Palmolive 57.9% (2015) 52.7% 5.2% decrease
Hindustan Unilever (HUL) 22.8% (2013) 16.1% 6.7% decrease
Dabur 12.5% (2013) 16.4% 3.9% increase
Patanjali 0.4% (2013) 9.4% 9% increase



  1. Market Share (Value-wise)

Fig 2: Oral Care Market India (value-wise)

As of March 2020, Colgate Palmolive India Limited (CPIL) is the leader in the toothpaste market by value at 48.3%. HUL is at a distant 16% and ranks 2nd. Dabur is catching up with HUL and has a 13.4% market share. Patanjali has grown to have a 9.2% share of the toothpaste market in India, ahead of GSK’s 7.9%.



  1. Market Share (Category-wise)

Fig 3: Oral Care Market India (category-wise)

Before Patanjali’s entry, the family category was the biggest in the toothpaste segment with a market share of 35% and above. But Patanjali entered the market and changed the category mix altogether. Now the herbal or natural category contributes to more than 35% from less than 10% before FY15. 

On the other hand, in the natural category, Patanjali and Dabur collectively enjoy the bigger pie with a market share of ~75%. This category has been growing at 30% CAGR per annum. This was the only category where MNC’s such as CPIL and HUL have lost their market share to domestic players. To fight back, CPIL has launched several products in this segment under the Ved Shakti Portfolio.

The freshness segment is being led by HUL with Closeup. CPIL tried to give a fight here with the Colgate Max Fresh, but HUL sustained its leadership. In the sensitive segment, GSK’s Sensodyne is the market leader and CPIL comes next with Colgate Sensitive.

Source of data: HDFC Securities Report on Oral Care Market in India (2020)

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