Dr. Gowri Pendyala has patented her innovative toothbrush design. (Photo: Dr. Gowri Pendyala)
Rajeev Chitguppi, Dental Tribune South Asia

By Rajeev Chitguppi, Dental Tribune South Asia

Sun. 19. December 2021


Dr. Gowri Pendyala has patented her new toothbrush design which overcomes the shortcomings of a regular manual toothbrush. In this interview, Dr. Gowri describes her journey right from the stage of idea till receiving the patent.

What is your innovation all about, and what problem does it solve?

We have innovated a toothbrush that rotates and bends towards the handle and has an interdental brush towards the lower end of the brushing assembly. This design ensures that the bristles cover the areas previously not reached easily by manual brushing.

What problem with the existing toothbrushes made you come up with this innovation?

Previously, we have been using either manual or single-movement toothbrushes.

With manual toothbrushes, there is a chance of human error, inconvenience to physically reach certain mouth areas, and other problems such as the bristles being too big to enter the interdental spaces.

With electric brushes, on the other hand, some of these problems are solved, but the matter of reaching inaccessible areas persists.

Interdental brushes are available as a separate unit and therefore not very commonly used, thus leading to persisting plaque between the teeth.

Our toothbrush takes care of all these problems and makes it convenient for the handler to have superior oral hygiene every passing day.

A unique feature here is that the heads of toothbrushes - standard and interdental - are replaceable, ensuring that cleanliness remains the same.

How long did it take to design it on paper?

It took us three months to design this on paper.

How long did it take to build the prototype?

It took us two months to build the prototype.

How big is your team? What were their roles and contributions?

Our team consists of myself, Dr.Saurabh, and Dr.Amit Mani for the concept, Mr.Anjinkya Vanjari for the design, and Mr. Abhijit for making it a reality by building the prototype.

Can you describe the features of your brush in simple terms?

In simpler terms, this brush is an all-in-one brush that provides surface and interdental cleaning in the same unit. Its dual movement is the feature that makes it highly convenient for the user. Rotation, as well as inward bending, help in maintaining overall oral hygiene and promoting superior oral healthcare.

Have you conducted any study with this new toothbrush?

No studies have been conducted as of now.

How long did the process of patent take?

The process of the patent took two months.

Can you give the link for the official document?

Providing a snapshot of the document here:

Gowri Pendyala Patent

Have you published it anywhere? Is it necessary to publish your innovation before or after patenting it?

No studies have been published yet. It was not deemed necessary before or after the patent process.

What are your further plans with this innovation?

We plan to take our toothbrush one step further by adding inlets for toothpaste and water to make it more efficient in providing complete oral hygiene.

About the innovator:

Dr. Gowri Pendyala, MDS Periodontics, is currently working in Rural Dental College, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, Loni. She has completed her Masters from A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore. She was the topper of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in her Undergraduation and received the Best outgoing student award during Post graduation. She has also received Research Excellence Award 2020 from the Institute of Scholars and Heroes of Dentistry Award for Excellence in Clinical Periodontics. She has around 55 National and International Publications to her credit. She has also received funding from various organizations for her research projects. She has delivered numerous guest lectures at various IDA branches of Maharashtra. Currently, she is working on improving oral health care in the rural population. Dr. Gowri can be contacted at gowri.pendyala@gmail.com

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