Smylist conducts first International Smylist Conference

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Smylist conducts first International Smylist Conference


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The first international Smylist conference was successfully organized in Hyderabad, India (Photo: Dr. Ajay Kakar)
Dr. Ajay Kakar

By Dr. Ajay Kakar

Fri. 18 November 2022


The first International Smylist Conference was successfully conducted on 5 and 6 November in Hyderabad, India.

The event was a great success, with delegates coming from as northeast as Dibrugarh, North as Delhi, South as Trivandrum, and literally from all over India.

The event was opened on 5 November by Dr. PuneetGirdhar, President IDA, Dr. Sateesh, Vice President DCI, Dr. Nigam Vora, Past President Mumbai IDA, and a host of IDA Deccan Branch officials, including Dr. Aditya Sandeep, Dr. Y.S. Reddy, and Dr. Srikanth.

Smylist Conference Maria Csillag lighting the lamp.

Led by Dr. Maria Csillag, the creator of the Smylist philosophy & system, and Dr. Ajay Kakar, India head of Smylist, the team of Smylist dentists showcased some great cases done using the Smylist system.

The previous day on the 4 November, at a pre-conference session aptly titled “Maria’s Magic,” Dr. Maria Csillag created magic on one patient who had flown in from London and another patient who was a dentist himself. The dentist-patient was at the conference and came up on stage to explain how his problems are more than 90% sorted. Both of their symptoms of severe pain got resolved.

The four Smylist Masters - Dr. Shailesh Divecha, Dr. Tapan Desai, Dr. Nikhil Bahuguna, and Dr. Prabhjeet Sethi delivered outstanding presentations on varied aspects of the Smylist concept. They introduced the basic nuances of the Smylist idea to the delegates, many of whom were new to this concept.

The two International speakers, Dr. Justin Chi from the USA and Dr. Tamas Kovac from Serbia, presented how the Smylist flag flies high in the USA and Europe.

An immense appreciation came from Dr. Karunakar and Dr. Chittaranjan, deans of dental institutions.

Dr. Ajit Shetty and Dr. Mona Kakar laid the basis for the role of occlusion and its impact on restoring dentition. Dr. Sanghmitra Dasgupta showcased excellent cases and underlined the emphasis on how the aesthetics of the face and teeth are evolving. Dr. Rathin Das, an ardent Smylist user, described how the concept has impacted his prosthodontic work and how he is delivering dentistry at such a high level and treating not just the teeth but the entire body in his practice along with his wife, Dr. Vaishali Das.

The discovery of the conference was the Smylist brand ambassadors Dr. Sonal Yerpude, Dr. Darshita Visaria, Dr. Manan Visaria, and Dr. Vanita Barai.

Staticus, a non-invasive diagnostic device

Angira Arya presented how the Staticus and the Smylisr concept would enhance dental practices and take them to the next level. Dr. Ajay Kakar revealed the intricacies and details of the Staticus Diagnostic Device - its inception, creation, and finalization journey. Angira described the next-level plans to install over 20,000 Staticus units in the upcoming year.

Next-level plans

In her concluding presentation, Dr. Maria announced the 2nd Smylist conference, set to take place in Bangkok in the third week of October 2023. The Smylist academy will now also have two-and-a-half-day workshops by the Smylist masters around the country.

Editorial note:

Dental Tribune South Asia had earlier published an interview with Dr. Maria Csillag.

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