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Contour augmentation using a xenograft: Dr Neel Bhatavadekar

The video demonstrates barrier augmentation around implants in the esthetic zone

Contour augmentation using Xenograft around BioHorizons Laserlok implants. Prior ridge augmentation has been done before implant placement. Since sufficient buccal bone is already present, a membrane may be used or not over the graft. This would represent a ‘barrier graft’ which will not remodel into bone but will remain as a barrier.
Contour augmentation is typically done to augment buccal bone in the esthetic zone around implants.

Dr Neel Bhatavadekar segregated contour augmentation into 2 types: conventional contour augmentation and barrier augmentation.
1. The first one refers to a technique where graft and membrane are used on the buccal, and this is done when there is negligible bone present.
2. The barrier augmentation can be done with a graft (xenograft), with or without a membrane, and this is done when there is already some buccal bone present. The intent of barrier augmentation is to form a barrier, rather than turnover bone. A barrier this aids in long term decreased turnover of native buccal bone, and aids in esthetic results, by minimizing implant show through.

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