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Novel PCR test expected to improve oral cancer detection and treatment

LONDON, UK: Seeking to improve oral cancer detection and treatment, researchers from Queen Mary University of London have developed the first polymerase ...

Grade 11 students build AI tech to detect oral cancer

Two students of grade 11 have developed an AI-based device called the Mouthscope to screen oral cancer and precancerous lesions & conditions, which ...

The ever increasing cost of oral cancer treatment in India

India spent approximately INR 2,386 crore on oral cancer treatment in 2020, which will increase to more than INR 23,000 crore in the next ten years.

New Book: "B cell Immunotherapy in Oral Cancer: A Short Review" by Drs. Smitha T & Anela Thomas

Immunotherapy is once again an emerging trend in cancer therapeutics, as an effective measure to reduce the mortality & morbidity rates. Evidence is ...

Ill-fitting dentures may be a risk factor for oral cancer

MUMBAI, India: Chronic mucosal irritation resulting from ill-fitting dentures may be a risk factor for the development of oral cancer, researchers from the ...