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Dr Abdelsalam Elaskary’s Vestibular Extraction Socket Therapy (VST): Summary of the webinar

By Rajeev Chitguppi, Dental Tribune South Asia
October 22, 2020

This is the summary of the webinar conducted by Dr Abdelsalam Elaskary on his new technique - Vestibular Extraction Socket Therapy on 17 Oct 2020.

Vestibular Extraction Socket Therapy (VST) has been developed to achieve long term tissue stability and superior esthetics in the maxillary anterior region with an innovative hard & soft tissue management protocol.

VST is a technique used to preserve and regenerate maxillary labial & palatal plate in both situations of being very thin as well as when it is lost due to various reasons.

VST uses a combination of bone shield and a mixture of cortical chip graft and xenograft/ allograft. Cases of a thin biotype of gingiva can further be augmented using a connective tissue graft.

It is a relatively atraumatic procedure as it involves communication through a vestibular incision with crestal soft tissue to create a tunnel or pouch that can receive the bone shield, which needs to be stabilized with screws or tacs.

Case selection, a 3D guide to accurate implant placement, initial implant stability, shield thickness, shield stabilization are the key factors for the successful outcome of the procedure.

Maintenance of good oral hygiene using interproximal brushes and post-operative care with chlorhexidine mouthwash will improve tissue care.

VST treats almost all socket varieties including the compromised & infected ones with immediate implant protocol.

Allows immediacy with a minimum number of interventions. Only one surgical entry.

The webinar received a great response globally and the event got sold out well in time. The webinar was complete in the scheduled time of 45 minutes but the Question & Answers session went on for another hour. It was a great interactive session rich with invaluable information.

The event was organized by Beide and supported by Biohorizons and ICPA Health Products Ltd.

Dental Tribune South Asia had earlier published an interview with Dr Elaskary where he had described his new technique "Vestibular Extraction Socket Therapy" - a technique designed to help clinicians to effectively manage compromised and infected fresh extraction sockets with immediate implant placement.

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