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Elaskary’s Vestibular Extraction Socket Therapy: Immediate implants in compromised infected sockets

By Rajeev Chitguppi, Dental Tribune South Asia
September 26, 2020

Dr Abdelsalam Elaskary, a seasoned innovator, author and educator in implant dentistry describes his new technique "Vestibular Extraction Socket Therapy" that will help clinicians to effectively manage compromised and infected fresh extraction sockets with immediate implant placement.

1. Why did you decide to create your new technique - Vestibular Extraction Socket Therapy? What's new and unique about it?

Everything is new - a new approach, new materials, a new way of assigning prognosis. Every new technique comes by inspiration, I have found great confusion in treating compromised fresh extraction sites - whether to delay the treatment or to immediately treat it. Both ways had their inherited problems, so I thought that there should be an easier way to manage these sockets especially defective and infected ones. It is a fresh procedure that will surely help many clinicians.

2. So what is Vestibular Extraction Socket Therapy? What are its advantages?

It's a novel clinical protocol to treat wide verities of fresh extraction sites (thin, or a deficient labial plate of bone, severely compromised, actively infected) with immediate implant placement, the protocol is designed to repair socket osseous environment and place an immediate implant at the same surgical setting thus providing immediacy and predictable outcome. The VST protocol offers shortened treatment time, reduces the number of surgical interventions to only one, preserves the original socket orifice topography during the steps of the treatment until the treatment completion, and allows for the complete socket rehabilitation if the actively infected sockets with immediate implant placement and bone regeneration.

3. Why should a dentist use your technique and not another? I mean, why is yours better?

There is no other !!! I mean there is no previous technique that treated infected and defective fresh sockets with immediate implant placement. So this is the first solid scientific based technique in this particular area, any dentist should be very confident to try a technique that has two years of evidence. I (with my research coworkers) have conducted three studies - one published last month and one in the press and one is finalizing. But any dentist should first take a course to learn the technique well then she or he is good to go.

4. Implantology and periodontology are in constant evolution, do you think your technique will last over time?

That is a great question... I believe that long term assembly of any clinical procedure is really important. I mean not only short term nice results .. that is why we have recorded two years follow up with this treatment protocol till now. We have seen a highly predictable outcome.

5. After three published books and so many years of career, what really led you to create the new protocol?

It's the need. We have found that there is a real need to serve a wide variety of patients, that are highly demanding. So I started my first trial with some materials that did not fulfil my objective, then I started using these materials with my protocol. Also please note that I have been working in the field of dental implants for over 25 years, the patron of developing new techniques and share it with the world in a scientific way, not just a clinical fantasy. Finally, I think need is the mother of inventions.

6. What are the benefits of registering for your webinar ‪on October 17? Are you going to showcases and scientific evidence of the benefits of your technique?

The webinar will feature the current problems and the solution. Of course, I will explain the background of the protocol and a step by step explanation for the technique. The presentation will also feature a modification to Elian’s socket to identify the various socket conditions more accurately, and a 6 days protocol to eliminate preexisting active socket infection.

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Dr Abdelsalam Elaskary is the founder of the Elaskary & Associates clinic and educational institute located in Alexandria, Egypt, he is currently a visiting lecturer at the University of New York (NYU), He authored three textbooks in the field of dental Implantology and oral Reconstruction, “Reconstructive Aesthetic Implant Surgery” & “fundamentals of aesthetic implant dentistry” and “ Advances in Esthetic implant dentistry” all published by John Wiley, Translated into several languages, Added to that a rich contribution to the literature by numerous published articles in the recognized reputable journals, he is a member of the editorial review board of the international journal of oral implantology

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