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Dr Brijesh Patel’s “COVID Army” provides food to the COVID front-line doctors & the underprivileged

By Rajeev Chitguppi, Dental Tribune South Asia
April 30, 2020

Dental professionals are facing extremely challenging times because of the lockdown. While most practitioners are busy fighting the COVID crisis and preparing themselves for a safer dental practice post-lockdown, a team of dentists and medicos in Ahmedabad have committed themselves to a totally different and magnanimous initiative. This team of doctors, under the leadership of Dr Brijesh Patel, a dentist from Ahmedabad has embarked on a noble journey of helping the COVID frontline doctors and the underprivileged with food packs on a daily basis. This outstanding service has generated tremendous interest and garnered enormous respect from people all over.

A highly inspiring story in times of crisis. A team of dentists and medicos has been doing remarkable service of helping and supporting the frontline COVID doctors and the underprivileged with homemade food packs - every day. A brainchild of Dr Brijesh Patel, a well-known implantologist from Ahmedabad, this initiative "Doctors on Wheels" has been doing some outstanding work, making the Indian dental fraternity proud globally. It takes a huge amount of courage and dedication to prepare and deliver fully-loaded food packets on a daily basis to the frontline COVID warriors, viz. the medical PG residents and interns, who stay in hostels. The COVID army also reaches out to the underprivileged on a daily basis and supplies food packs to them.

Food packs prepared at Dr Brijesh's kitchen reach the frontline COVID Doctors working at COVID hospitals with the help of many like-minded, committed doctors. This team of doctors committed to this noble cause is popularly known as the "COVID Doctors Army."

Dr Brijesh launched his noble initiative "My Khichdi Kitchen" at Sindur Party Plot in Narnapura, Ahmedabad, where he started with distributing 100 food packs (Puri Shak and Khichdi) per day. Slowly people started joining in and now more than 275 enthusiastic people have joined voluntarily.

Many other doctors have also started offering food prepared in their kitchens. The COVID ARMY is now a big chain of helping hands. Starting with 100 food packs per day, the numbers grew to more than 1000 food packs per day, and now the doctors' team is distributing more than 2500 food packs every day. Many more private kitchens have joined hands. AMC Medical and Dental colleges have linked Dr Brijesh's kitchen for their food supply.

With live updates of demand and supply and round the clock monitoring the whole initiative is very professionally managed. Till date, the COVID Doctors Army has distributed 45000 + food packs and it's still going strong.

"On one phone call from me and Dr Brijesh and his team managed to arrange everything. He has earned enormous respect and I would urge more people to be like him," said Dr Akshay Langlia, Faculty in AMC Dental College, Ahmedabad.

Dr Brijesh Patel says "I have never been away from dentistry. But these are unprecedented times. In this crisis time, no webinars for me because I am investing my full time in my community. My kitchen is my new workplace and I have a new job in hand."

The team of 'Doctors on wheels' consists of Dr Raxit Patel, Dr Hemal Shah, Dr Harshid Patel, Dr Kalpesh Patel, Dr Kintal Bhavsar, Dr Wajid, Dr Manjit Nayak and many more. Dr Brijesh hopes that more and more people will join in and the number of helping hands could increase even more. One can contact him on 9327006972 to become a part of "Doctors on Wheels" and join the noble cause.

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  • Dr v s Mohan says:

    Commendable. Dr Brijesh Patel is kmown for.his.philanthropic activities and a kind heart. Well done. I can support you in any ways u deem it fit.

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