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Interview: “We want to provide cost effective hands on courses with reputed international speakers”

By DT SEA, NIranjan Prabhakar
September 06, 2017

Emanuel Recupero is the founder and current CEO of Dental ED. He graduated as a trained microbiologist, and eventually worked in the pharmaceutical industry in Melbourne, Australia. During this time, Emanuel gained proficiency in financial strategic marketing. He learnt that study clubs were the most important place for dental professionals to exchange skill sets. By 2003 inspired by the advancement of new web-conferencing technologies he saw the potential of transmitting live lectures to multiple study club sites, thus providing esteemed speakers to dentists at an accessible and affordable price. By June of 2003, the world’s first-ever, live web-based dental seminar was tested and, by February 2004, Dental ED was born. Dental Tribune South Asia speaks to Emanuel Recupero as he brings Dental Ed to India.

DT SEA: Mr.Emanuel Recupero, please tell our readers about Dental ED.
Mr.Emanuel Recupero: Dental ED is a worldwide recognized leading provider of dental hands on courses and advanced study clubs. It was founded by me in Australia in 2003. In fact, we were the first company to introduce web conferencing and streaming sessions over the internet in the dental world in 2003, something that we are now accustomed to as the norm.

You started off your career as a Microbiologist. How did this shift into dentistry happen? 
I went into the pharmaceutical industry and then became a business consultant in dentistry and developed a study club model.

Dental ED organized a programme recently in India. Please share with us your India experience. 
Nice people, enthusiastic and open to quality training. In fact there were so many dentists happy to see a program of this level in India which they have not seen yet.

Online dental courses are in vogue. Has this changed the way dentistry is taught? 
It has to a certain degree. For lectures in small segments it has become a dominant way of reaching dentists but it has not yet replaced nor can I see it replacing comprehensive hands on course where the speaker is required.

Does Dental Ed have a different strategy for conducting courses in India? 
We currently want to provide high end comprehensive hands on courses with the big international presenters and not small segments of half day or demonstration sessions as we believe this is not enough to help dentists as it is more or less a show case. We are in plans to provide hands on courses more cost effectively.

What does the future look like for Dental ED India? 
Dental ED is in the testing and setting up stages of its long awaited and anticipated high end study club network which is currently available in many other countries. Dental ED study clubs are designed to help dental professionals acquire excellent clinical tips that can be applied in their practice. We aim to change to level of dental training so that it benefits dentists and their patients!

Thank you for the Interview.

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