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COVIDEA: “Pat’s PONCHO” to prevent the virus spread via surface contamination- by Dr Vivek Patni

By Rajeev Chitguppi, Dental Tribune South Asia
May 04, 2020

Dental Tribune South Asia has launched COVIDEAS - an initiative to encourage innovative thought processes and bring innovative ideas to the attention of industry partners so that we as an industry can fight the pandemic together more effectively. Today we present the first COVIDEA - Pat's Poncho Technique proposed by Dr. Vivek Patni MDS (Ortho) Mumbai. It's a simple and practical way to prevent the virus spread via surface contamination.

The novel coronavirus 19 (nCoV19) is creating new challenges in all the fields. As per the current knowledge, the virus spreads by droplets which are suspended in the air for a variable time, depending on multiple factors, and upon settling on different surfaces, the virus is active for a variable time, depending on the nature of the surface and temperature, humidity and other known and so far unknown factors.

Wearing a face mask, washing hands and maintaining social distance has proven to be very effective modes of avoiding infection. As our understanding of the modes of transfer is becoming clear, one factor which is becoming clear to us is that the contact surfaces are most likely to spread it. A practical, quick, cheap and effective method to avoid touching any surface in the surroundings will allow us to cut down the risk of getting infected or from spreading the infection.

With these ideas in mind, Dr Vivek Patni (Orthodontist, Mumbai) has designed a simple to use protective gear, named as “PAT’s PONCHO”.

As a standard practice, everyone is supposed to wear a mask, but if necessary, a mask can be clubbed with the set.

This set can be kept at the entrance of any public place, like a clinic OPD, Bank, Shop and so on, where people are expected to arrive and touch surfaces during the course of work.

As the design is of a loose plastic cover, it allows limited hand movement for opening doors, contactless seating and much of activity. There is effective deterrence to touching the face.

It is possible to arrive at a place, do hand sanitization, wear the set quickly, enter the premises and upon completion of the work, after coming out, removing and discarding the set, in designated dustbins, repeat hand sanitization and leave.

With an eye protection spectacle and a face mask, the person wearing PAT’s PONCHO actually does not touch any surfaces, thus avoiding catching or spreading Novel Corona Virus 19.

A schematic drawing of the PAT’s PONCHO has been presented here. It will be a very useful infection prevention method for medical OPD, Ophthalmologists, Dentists, ENT Surgeons also, as few sets can be kept before the entrance for people to wear and then they enter inside.

The complete coverage ensures that no one touches the surfaces, seating, doorknobs and all similar things, and the design makes it very quick and easy to wear, without any special training.


Dr Vivek Patni 

completed his BDS from GDC Mumbai, and won the IDA Scholastic Award for Highest marks in Orthodontics. He went on to complete his MDS Orthodontics from GDC Mumbai.
Currently he is a Professor and PG Guide MGM Dental College and Hospital, Navi Mumbai.

Dr Patni is also the inventor of FavAnchor Skeletal Anchorage System. He is the recipient of "Dr George Jacob’s Award For Clinical Innovation" From Indian Orthodontic Society for Favanchor Skeletal Anchorage System.

He has also completed his fellowship in Oral Implantology (MUHS).

Dr Patni maintains his private practice of Orthodontics and Implantology in Mumbai and Pune.


Comments by Dr Rajeev Chitguppi (Executive Editor, Dental Tribune South Asia):
We find PAT's PONCHO a very useful technique for the prevention of virus spread in the medical OPD. The technique can be easily recommended to Ophthalmologists, ENT Surgeons, and esp. Dentists. It's simple, inexpensive and gives the much-needed confidence to the healthcare provider that he is safe, as he knows that he is exposed to minimum body surfaces of the patient/ visitor.


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