“Digital dentistry is reshaping oral care” Dr. Muchhala

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“Digital dentistry is reshaping oral care” Dr. Muchhala

The first International Digital Dentistry Congress was a great success. (Photo: IDDC)

Fri. 16 June 2023


Dr. Deepak Muchhala, the Organizing Chairman, writes about the resounding success of the very first- International Digital Dentistry Congress, held on 10-11 June 2023 in Mumbai.

Digital dentistry has transformed the way dental care is delivered. It has revolutionized imaging, treatment planning, restoration fabrication, patient communication, and collaboration among dental professionals. With its precise and efficient workflow, digital dentistry offers enhanced diagnostic capabilities, improved treatment outcomes, and a more seamless patient experience.

As technology continues to evolve, we at IDA realize that the future of digital dentistry holds even greater possibilities for advancement.

Realizing this dream, the Indian Dental Association partnered with the Digital Dentistry Society – International, the leading scientific body in the subject of Digital Dentistry, to collaborate for the first International Digital Dentistry Congress on the 10-11 June 2023 at the Jasmine Hall at the Jio World Convention center in Mumbai.
Dr. Ashok Dhoble, the Honorary Secretary General of Indian Dental Association said in his speech, "Speakers for the event have been selected for their passion for their work. The desire for a common goal to change dentistry helps us bring you all together and realize these dreams – individually or as a group. We all need each other for the fulfillment of our shared goals, and that’s how it makes our resolution even stronger. To take our nation and dentistry to the next level and be Atmanirbhar, it becomes crucial to tap the energy of our young dentists in research and develop products and equipment made in India."
Over the two days, the congress featured 88 national and foreign speakers, 54 Scientific Sessions, and over 4688 delegates. Speakers at this event displayed their scientific expertise, putting India on the world map. It was undoubtedly an extraordinary occasion.

Dentistry is on the brink of a new era where how we offer services will be fundamentally and irreversibly changed. Technology will be the primary driver of this change, reshaping how professionals work. We must embrace this change and accelerate technology with confidence.

Digital technology is already being embraced in dentistry, and I believe dentistry's future is entirely digital. However, having good digital technology alone does not make one a good dentist. One must be a good dentist first, and digital technology will only simplify the work, ease our efforts, and make our workflows productive. We should use technology for good and make our dentistry better.
Dr. Deepak Muchchala

Dr. Deepak Muchchala

While many fear AI, computers, and machines will take over our jobs, I believe that jobs and work will not reduce. Instead, we must change our thinking and skillsets to remain relevant in the game.

Better tech leads to a better future, and more tech will lead us toward more possibilities.

Dr. Deepak Muchhala
Conference Organizing Chairman
IDDC 2023

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