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"Novel Arch Bar" patent by Dr. Soumendu Karak, OMFS


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The Novel Arch Bar designed and patented by Dr. Soumendu Karak offers several benefits over the traditional methods. (Photo: Dr. Soumendu Karak)

Tue. 25 January 2022


Dr. Soumendu Karak, OMFS practicing in Phuleshwar, West Bengal has patented his innovation “Novel Arch Bar” that offers benefits in relation to its ease of use, user safety, versatility, and advantages over the current standards of care.

What is your innovation all about?

The treatment of mandibular fractures has traditionally involved the re-establishment of functional dental occlusion with various types of maxillo-mandibular fixation. Intermaxillary fixation (IMF) is also used before and during open reduction and internal fixation of fractures to achieve temporary stability of fracture site. IMF with this innovative arch bar i.e. “NOVEL ARCH BAR” is more efficacious compared to the conventional method (Erich Arch Bar, IMF Screw). It also improves the surgeon’s and patient’s acceptance to a satisfactory level.

What problem with the existing arch bar made you come up with this innovation?

The most common method used in IMF is Erich Arch Bar and IMF Screw, but it has its own disadvantages.

Increased surgical time, trauma to the periodontium, compromised oral hygiene, movement of teeth in lateral and extrusive direction, risks of penetrating injury to the surgeons that subsequently increase the risk of blood-borne pathogen transmission are all shortcomings of Erich Arch Bar. Loosening of screw and disturbance of occlusal stability after a few days of placement often limit the application of IMF screw.

In the perusal of better technique, our innovative arch bar ‘Novel Arch Bar’ can overcome the disadvantages and also improve clinicians’ and patients’ acceptance levels.

How big is your team?

Our team consists of myself, Dr.Shishir Mohan Devki, the head of the department of K.D. Dental College & Hospital in the maxillofacial department and Dr. Shaivy Ambuj, prosthodontics and super-specialist in dental rehabilitative oncology. We discussed a lot about the concept, design, and making it a reality.

Can you describe the features of your arch bar and how to place it?

After taking the detailed history, patients and radiograph of patients are thoroughly examined; “Novel Arch Bar” is placed in maxillary and mandibular arch individually and stabilized with an interlocking screw. In each arch, three, 2mm diameter 6mm length interlocking screws are placed through attach gingiva and inserted until the head of the screw is flushed. Two screws are placed bilaterally in the posterior region and one is placed centrally using a 1.5 mm drill under copious normal saline irrigation. Three segments are extended from each arch bar, each segment contains three holes for screw placement, screws can be placed in any hole among the three so as to bypass the fracture line that may cause loosening of a screw or bypass the root of the tooth to prevent the tooth injury. After close reduction of fracture intermaxillary fixation was done with 24 gauge wire.

Can you give the official IPR details of the arch bar?

The arch bar is accepted by Indian Intellectual Property India. Patent no-201831012950

Have you published it anywhere?

Yes, we have published it as a case report in University Journal of Dental Sciences 2018; Vol 4, Issue 2

Dr. Soumendu Karak

About the innovator

Dr. Soumendu Karak, MDS Maxillofacial Surgeon

Currently working at Sanjiban Hospital, Phuleswar, W.B as a consultant. He completed his post-graduation from K.D.Dental College and Hospital, Mathura, 2020. He has around 10 National, International publications to his credit. Presently he is more inclined towards Head Neck Onco Surgery.

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