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Oral hygiene day celebrated in India on 1st August 2016

By DT South Asia
August 22, 2016

The Oral hygiene day was introduced to commemorate the birth anniversary of the doyen of Indian Periodontics and founder of the Indian Society of Periodontology (ISP), Dr G B Shankwalkar, who was born on 1st August. 

Every year, ISP, along with its members, dental associations such as the Indian Dental association (IDA) and its state branches, Private organizations and Rotary club and dental colleges across the country celebrated the Oral hygiene day on 1st August.
Its primary objective is to spread the message of Oral health and its importance and to curb the worrisome trend of neglect which has been one of the main causes for dental diseases. Nevertheless, the dental fraternity observes that the Oral hygiene of an average Indian has improved in the last decade.

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