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Dr.Joseph Choukroun comes to India for the first time with SYFAC

By Dt SEA, Niranjan Prabhakar
December 13, 2017

New Delhi: The two day SYFAC programme organized by LifeCare Devices Private Limited during a cold weekend of 9-10 December 2017 was attended by over 80 participants. Incidentally, this is the first SYFAC programme in India, for the inventor of PRF, the celebrated Dr. Joseph Choukroun.

Day 1, 9 December:

The programme speakers were renowned implantologists from different parts of the country, who discussed management of various clinical scenarios in Implant practice.

Dr. Mahesh Chauhan, Dr. Ajai Vikram Singh, Dr. Sitaram Wagle, Dr. Prasad Joshi, Dr. Paresh Kale and Dr. Tarun Kumar delved deeper into advanced management of deficit bone and tissue situations and the role of PRF.

Dr. Ritika Arora closed the lecture session with Dentofacial aesthetics and the role of PRF and derma fillers, a field that's becoming quite popular among dentists.

Hands-on sessions on tilted implants concept, sinus augmentation and facial aesthetics provided the participants an enriching experience.

Day 2, 10 December:

A full day lecture of the inventor of PRF, Dr. Joseph Choukroun.

Though his lecture Dr. Choukroun ensured that this memorable Sunday was spent learning and understanding the key to successful surgery which is to ‘Respect Biology’.

As a renowned anesthesiologist who practices extensively in the field of pain management, it was amazing to see Dr. Choukroun exhibit great knowledge of the field of dentistry, dental surgery and implantology.

Participants listened with rapt attention as he cleared posed questions, cleared myths and presented evidence based facts. “We don't negotiate with Biology”, he emphasized to the audience making them re-evaluate their surgical practice.

Speaking on his invention , Dr. Choukroun presented a myriad of surgical possibilities with PRF.

He introduced the much awaited Soft tissue brushing technique that promises to change the way periosteal release is practiced.

During the hands on session, Dr. Choukroun demonstrated the finer aspects of phlebotomy, making of i-prf and the latest protocols of A-PRF liquid and i-PRF M and finally the most talked about ‘Steaky Bone protocol’.

The participants then practiced phlebotomy on one another and spun the blood to derive PRF.

Dr. Choukroun on a passing noted mentioned “When I return to India next year, we will demonstrate…..”. Well there is something to cheer about for those who missed this one of kind programme.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the next event.


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