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LM Arte Solo Anterior Composite Sculpting Instrument - Aesthetic Dentistry Review (Feb 2022)


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LM Arte Solo Anterior Composite Sculpting Instrument can be a great investment for the direct composites in the anterior region.

Wed. 9 February 2022


Composite sculpting instruments are a daily need and requirement for restorative dentists. This article reviews one instrument you might want to have in your kit if you work with many direct composites in the anterior region.

The market is flooded with instruments of various shapes, sizes, and price ranges. How do we choose the best instruments for our daily requirements out of these?

Easy! - by narrowing down the kind of restorative work you do most commonly in your dental practice. 

LM Arte Solo Anterior Composite Sculpting Instrument

Manufacturer: LM-Dental (Finland)

Distributor (India): India Vikings


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The Solo Anterior from LM Dental, powered by Style Italiano, fits right into the group’s core philosophy - “simplification.” Made of high-quality materials like the rest of the LM Arte set of instruments, this one instrument has so many features that you can essentially do away with most other instruments for daily work. The instrument can be a one-stop solution for all of your daily direct restorative needs. 

It has two ends, both flame-shaped and broad, with a very sharp tip and thin edges. The difference is that one end is completely flat while the other has a nice shallow curve.


  • A broad flat tip is handy & convenient for making free-hand palatal shells with a mylar strip. 
  • The sharp tip can shape the incisal edge and create mamelons.
  • The flat surface also comes in handy for flattening and contouring the buccal surface of the restorations, especially while making direct composite veneers.
  • The other end with the curved blade I found helpful for shaping the palatal and the proximal surfaces. 
  • It can be autoclaved.
  • The composite material does not stick to the instrument, provided you clean it between each application.
  • Beautiful bright colored and ergonomic handle for ease of use.


  • Even though it is an excellent instrument covering most of your requirements, I still need to use my other favorite instruments from the LM Arte Set like the Misura and Applica and my ever-trusted modeling brush from GC.
  • The cost is a little higher when compared to other generic composite instruments.
  • Please do not drop it! The tip will bend and render it unusable.

Bottom Line:

If you are passionate about direct anterior composite restorations, this is one instrument you must-have in your set. Despite the cost factor, it seems built to last long and hence a worthwhile investment.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are solely the author’s perspective and are completely unbiased. The author does not have any financial interest in the company whose materials/products are included in this article.

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