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8th ACDI conference— huge success

The 8th Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry India (ACDI) conference was a resounding success. (Image: ACDI)

Thu. 1 February 2024


The 8th annual conference of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry India (ACDI), an affiliate of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), held from January 5th to 7th, 2024, at Novotel, Juhu, Mumbai, was a resounding success.

Dr Mohan Bhuvaneshwaran, the founder president of ACDI, and Dr Saiesha Mistry, the current president of ACDI, undertook a rigorous accreditation process with the AACD. Their successful accreditation not only showcased their commitment to excellence but also ignited a fervor within them.

Motivated by their achievement, Dr Mohan and Dr Saiesha were inspired to establish ACDI in India, with the primary objective of imparting top-quality education to the nation. Their aim was clear: to share their passion for aesthetic and restorative dentistry by promoting the highest standards of excellence. Through ACDI, they aspired to create a platform that would inspire emerging dental professionals and seasoned practitioners to excel in their respective fields. Their dedication was palpable during the conference, where the fruits of their labor were evident in the success and impact of the event.

The fundamental principle of the AACD centers on responsible aesthetics, a core value that the ACDI is steadfastly dedicated to promoting. Responsible aesthetics, as elucidated by the AACD, extends beyond mere surface beauty, emphasizing the importance of functional stability achieved through tooth preservation and minimally invasive techniques to attain aesthetic outcomes. This philosophy integrates longevity and oral health considerations alongside aesthetics, incorporating cutting-edge and more effective techniques grounded in a deep understanding of material science.

The 2024 annual ACDI conference displayed the brilliance of three distinguished international speakers: Dr. Amanda Seay (DDS, FAACD, FAGD) from Charleston, United States of America. Dr Adamo E Notarantonio (DDS, FICOI, FAACD) from New York, United States of America. Dr. Celine Higton (BDS Hons, member of the bioemulation group) from London, United Kingdom. Their lectures were a masterful blend of science, art, humor, meticulous documentation, and inspirational stories. With a teaching style that seamlessly incorporated these elements, they captivated and inspired postgraduate students and delegates from across India and worldwide. The speakers' commitment to excellence and their assurance of delivering quality content enriched the conference, making it a truly enlightening experience for all attendees.

Attendees also actively participated in poster presentations explored the trade fair, and witnessed the launch of Ivoclar’s TETRIC N Ceramic 2 range of composites and EMS Dental’s AIRFLOW PROPHYLAXIS MASTER. In pursuit of international acclaim and fostering exceptional collaborations, Dr. Mohan's relentless efforts have successfully affiliated ACDI with esteemed organizations such as the Asia Oceanic Federation of Conservative Dentistry (Cons Asia), Asian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (AAAD), International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED).

As ACDI continues its commitment to expansion, the focus is on enhancing educational offerings and engaging renowned educators to build on the foundation laid thus far. The future of ACDI is dedicated to providing the highest level of education, ensuring that aesthetic dentistry in India reaches unprecedented heights. With the current leadership at the helm, there is a resounding confidence that "Aesthetic dentistry in India is in safe hands," setting the stage for continued success and advancement in the field.


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